Fr. William J. Mitchell

Assembly #3817

Meeting Minutes

2021-2022 Assembly Officers

  • Faithful Friar: SK Fr. Larry Merta
  • Faithful Navigator: SK Michael Grimes
  • Faithful Captain: SK Edward Padilla
  • Faithful Pilot: SK Richard Polfliet
  • Faithful Comptroller: SK Clarence Jordan
  • Faithful Scribe: SK Manuel Escarega
  • Faithful Purser:  SK Paul Bykowski
  • Faithful Inner Sentinel: SK Daniel Naegele
  • Faithful Outer Sentinel: SK Jose Contreras​
  • Faithful Admiral: SK Mark Goetz
  • Faithful 1 Year Trustee: SK Armindo Castelhano
  • Faithful 2 Year Trustee: SK Solon Mobley
  • Faithful 3 Year Trustee: SK Jerry Walsh​

Fr. William J. Mitchell Assembly #3817 was formed in July 2019 at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Mesa, Arizona. The Assembly is named for Father William J. Mitchell, the original Pastor of Holy Cross when it opened in November 1981. Assembly 3817 has an active membership that participates in numerous events throughout the year. If you are interested in learning more about the 4th Degree or if you are a 3rd Degree Knight who is ready to take the next step in his Knight's journey, contact the Faithful Navigator, Sir Knight Michael Grimes.

Council 7904 Proudly Serving Holy Cross Parish Mesa, AZ